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Teeth Whitening Products

  1. Must avoid the blue light shooting at the people’s eyes directly, or the eyes will be injured seriously. When the bleaching system is working, Both the patient and doctor must wear the protective glasses to protect the eyes.
  2. When we adjust the place of the machine, we need to support the machine by one hand ,and support the upright stanchion by another, and then pull the bracket slowly to adjust the place of the machine, to prevent the bleaching system overturn, at the same time prevent the moving of the tripod.
  3. The led teeth whitening light should be sterilized before the treatment.
  4. The led teeth whitening light is a precise instrument, when we don’t use it, it is better to put the lamp cap downward, and then wear the protecting jacket to in case the dust go into the lens.
  5. After using, we should close the electric power in time, it should avoid touching the hard thing or liquid.
  6. If there is any problem in using the bleaching system, repairing without authorization is forbided, or the bleaching system maynot be guaranteed to keep in good repair.
  7. for the teeth whitening gel,it should be stock in 0-25 centigrade temperature,it can be keep 2 years.
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