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Led Curing Light

  1. No pointing the blue led curing light directly to the eyes of patients,or else it may cause great damage.during the solidifying time,please cover the front part of the light curing unit with our light cover plate to avoid the direct point to the eyes,the doctor also recommend to wear the protecting-glass to set apart from the leakage of the blue light.
  2. Sterilize the light rob before each treatment,we suggest using the 75% medical sterilizing water to marinate for 20 mins,then washed by the medical pure water,airing:put the light curing rob in a 135 centigrade high temperature sterilizer to stream sterilizing.
  3. Take good care of the light guide rod,no hitting by any hard material or droping to the ground,pls contact us to replace a new one in case of any damage.
  4. Please turn off the power supply after using.
  5. Please cut the power after fully charged and take out the mainframe from the charger.
  6. No letting the bottom contacting any metal material in case of short circuit.
  7. No placing the battery into fire or close to any high-temperature place in case of explosion.
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