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It is better to alternate operate two high speed handpiece,each dental unit should have two pcs high speed handpiece and one piece low speed handpiece,you’d better to use one for 10 mins and change to another one,that will be less the "tired" of the bearing,and longer the life span of the is said 60% bearing of high speed handpiece was damaged by the "tired"

Clearing and oiling is the most important parts of the handpiece maintain.oiling is in order to less the friction of ball and bearing so that the handpiece can rotate in high speed.we need to use the professional handpiece oil to was run away during the operation,so it need to oiling every day to keep the longer life span.

Clean the external side and led tubes using 70% GL alcohol or other disinfecting agent without having an ammonium or acid basis or chlorine.

Do never immerge the handpiece in disinfection baths.

Lubricate the turbine before each sterilization cycle.Handpieces which are not subject to a sterilization process must be lubricated before initiating each work period(in the moring,at moon,and evening).

Sterilize the handpiece and bur changer in autoclave up to 135 centigarde.20 mins with 121 centigrade and 15 mins with 135 centigrade;withdraw handpiece from autoclave after the sterilization.

Adjusted the different air pressure according to the different brand and type handpiece.

It need to be professional maintenance when the handpiece was operated about 3 months.the maintenance should be operated by some professional staff according to the certain steps.

The handpiece was warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of effective delivery of the product. cartidge is warranted 90 days,bearing is exclueded.

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